I AM Love Campaign

The I AM Love Campaign’s mission is to ignite dialogue on religious bullying and homophobia, in all ages and walks of Life, by teaching self-empowerment through artistic endeavors, community collaboration, and educational outreach.

We travel with the Campaign and bring it directly into the communities that are calling out for it, or that might directly benefit from it, with a particular emphasis on regions that have issues with equality and a desire for developing an educated dialogue.  Our aim is to change the story on bullying and ignite conversations within communities that will move them to a higher understanding and acceptance of diversity.  This first year of the Campaign has an intended focus on bullying of LGBT youth and, in particular, bullying from within a religious/spiritual community.

This year the Campaign is centered around the play Corpus Christi and our documentary film that explores where (if at all) the LGBT community finds itself at the table of faith and why they would want to return.  Religious dogma seems to be at the heart of every aspect for blocking full equality to LGBT individuals.  Each stop on our national tour will include a community event (a symposium of leaders, town hall style meeting, workshop or gathering) to discuss issues affecting the community such as bullying, marriage equality, racial discourse and general issues of civil rights.

In each city over a period of two or three days the I AM Love Campaign would therefore include:

1)  A community event that would give voice to differing viewpoints and explore peaceful solutions.
2)  A screening of the documentary Corpus Christi:Playing With Redemption.
3)  Performances of the play Corpus Christi.

Our 2012 I AM Love Sneak Preview Tour has begun, so please Join our Campaign today to help us make this possible.  If you’d like to add your company or organization’s name to the growing list of supporters in this Campaign, please email us.  Stay tuned for more cities on the 2012 Tour to be announced soon.  In the meantime, you can pledge your support today by purchasing a t-shirt below and spreading the Love.

For more specific info on how you can host us in your city and what we are looking for, please click here.


I AM Love Official T-shirt

As seen in the film and play, this exclusive custom-made shirt says it all.  Individually made by our very own John the Baptist (Melissa Caulfield), it’s a true reflection of the uniqueness that each of us are while sharing one thing in common- Love.  Show your pride and Truth and become the change you wish to seek.  It all begins within.  And it’s a great conversation piece!You can also wear it proudly knowing it’s made of 100% organic cotton.

For sizes larger than XL or for international orders, please email us.

I AM Love Campaign
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